Message from TWP - June 2015 Update

Message from TWP - June 2015 Update

PostPosted by Malviet » Sat Jul 11, 2015 4:29 pm

The Voice Of The Union Of The West Pacific Foreign Affairs Deputy Advocacy Update
June 2015 Edition
By Recuecn, Deputy Advocate Of Foreign Affairs

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In-Game Government Of The West Pacific

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Note: The Guardians are appointed by the delegate, and they serve at her leisure to protect the region and the delegacy from internal and external threats to the security of the region.

The Cardinal Inquisitor: All Good People
The Cardinal Guardian Protector of The West:Wickedly evil people
The Cardinal Guardian Most Evil: Bhang Bhang Duc
The Cardinal Guardian Fang: Ethel Mermania
The New Guardians:
The Reinstated Cardinal Guardian Of The Eternal Dungeons: Yy4u

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Legislative Roleplay:
That Called The Vlagh
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The Voice Of The Union Of The West Pacific

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Deputy Advocates Of The Voice:

WA Affairs:
Interior Affairs: Hariko
Foreign Affairs: Recuecn
Military Affairs: PunkDaddy
Intel Affairs: That Called The Vlagh
Media: United RussoAsia

Table Of Contents

News From TWP
Foreign Policy

News From TWP

Most TWP Dispatches here in the past consisted mainly of news updates: things that have happened in TWP since the last dispath. However, with the creation of a new regional newspaper, Dass Nachrichten, this now falls under the purvue of United RussoAsia, Deputy Advocate of Media. Thus this is probably the last dispatch in this format you'll be seeing. Even future foreign affairs updates may be published in the DN. If, though, you can't wait until the first issue of Dass Nachrichten comes out on the 12th (subscribe on our forums!), here are the latest happenings to tide you over.

  • Darkesia has been continuously reminding everyone that she wishes to step down soon, and has begun transitioning, announcing new guardians,
  • A conventional convention has been held, and a new constitution adopted,
  • New officers have been elected (see above) and many old, abandoned offices brought back to life,
  • And a fan fiction festival is being organized.

Of course, much more detail could be given, and activity has been non-stop on the RMB and the forum, but this is the main, more political news.

Foreign Policy Update
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